Zildjian K Series Ride Cymbals

Most Bellottis are relatively small 12″ “, and quite heavy. Their craftsmanship displays a fine lathing on top and bottom and very broad, circular-peen hand-hammering. The cast bronze cymbals are of a B20 alloy. The bellholes of most Bellottis are of small aperture, which suggests a fabrication date prior to the s or earlier. The tell-tale insignia is an embossed stamp on the underside of the cymbal. There are two versions of this stamp. The first simply reads “Bellotti” on capital block letters. The second version also reads “Bellotti,” but also incorporates the logo of a bell. Often, Bellottis have an embossment that reads “Italy” or “Made in Italy ” in a semicircular pattern. This embossment appears on other Italian cymbals of the s s.

Zildjian ZXT Cymbals Review, Cheapest Price Revealed

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First Stamp ss. an 8 inch paperthin splash. This is one of the first stamps. Hard to see in this photo is the “genuine turkish cymbals, made in usa” but it’s there, it’s a complete logo.

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Zildjian K Series 19″ Dark Crash Cymbal

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May 05,  · Dating A Zildjian Cymbals – posted in Cymbal Talk: I spoke with a gentleman at the Zildjian factory the other day, who has been there for a very long time. Over 30 years. He told me that stamps are not an indication of age. Different stamps were used interchangeably throughout the years, some just to keep trademarks alive and that sometimes, different stamping machines might have 3 or .

Australasian Music Supplies austmusic. Various Prices Authored 12 May by Adrian Violi Zildjian are in fine form at the moment, giving nods back to their rich history and taking cues from eras of sound that drummers are constantly striving to find in their own cymbal set ups. When Zildjian released the Kerope range they paid homage to the old K sound – that Jazz sound. Not to be confused with the newly designed A Zildian series — a force in their own right — the new Avedis range is a tip of the hat to the rockers and show bands of old, Zildjian have really created something special.

This sums up the brief perfectly because as mentioned, the Vintage sound is so in at the moment but for a lot of players, the K and Kerope cymbals may be a little too dark so the Avedis range aims to fill the gap, offering vintage, but the other spectrum. The range is rather simplistic in a lot of ways. The cymbals feature a matte lathed finish with minimal hammerings and even scorings. They are manufactured with a process that effectively ages the cymbals and finishes them with a nice patina that also looks a little purple in some lightings.

They certainly look vintage and very cool. Each cymbal has a moderate profile and larger, pronounced bells. Each cymbal also has its own individual weight printed under the bell so players can choose appropriately and the Zildjian logo on the underside is hollow, as was the way back in the day. The cymbals feel wonderful.

Avedis Zildjian Company

After searching for ages the best price I found for these cymbals was here online. Click here to check them out! The Zildjian ZXT cymbals series is among the huge choice of mid-range cymbals on the market today. It’s an interesting series, put together with young and lively drummers in mind. Zildjian even say they’re made from “an enhanced alloy with attitude”, so it sounds like they mean business!

K Zildjian – Istanbul Timeline. Cymbal Stamp Timelines. A Zildjian Stamp Timeline It was not until many years later that the K Zildjian Cymbal factory updated its cymbal stamps. s one theory by which missing and incomplete elements from the intermediate stamp could function as a diagnostic for dating specific cymbals. Rob Scott.

You don’t take the selection of such a vital piece of kit lightly, and neither do we. Our broad assortment of hi-hat cymbals is sure to provide the right option for any drummer, from the basement hobbyist to the seasoned professional. Offering up a variety of sounds depending on how it’s used, the hi-hat is struck closed or played with the pedal to produce a short, crisp, and concise sound.

Widening the gap between the cymbals opens up a whole spectrum of potential sounds, from a sustained shimmer to a ride cymbal effect. Different pedal positions lead to different sounds with the strike of the drumstick, giving the hi-hat its characteristic range and versatility that makes it an indispensable part of your drum set. Because it’s so central to your sound, adjusting the hi-hat is crucial. For example, positioning the cymbals further apart will generate a more ‘sizzling’ sound, lending more of a hard-rock element to your music.

It may take some experimentation to get your hi-hat perfectly adjusted, but the effort will pay off in your sound. Familiarize yourself with the abilities of the hi-hat cymbal and it will never let you down. Like most instruments, creativity pays off and the more you master this integral component of your drum set, the more rewarding it will become.

Zildjian Cymbals / Qty:2 (16″ Hybrid K & 15″ Thin Crash)

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Buying and Selling Vintage Zildjian Cymbals A Vintage Zildjian Cymbal is for sale but all you have to go on is an ebay ad or maybe you want to auction one of your .

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Jammin’ Jersey Music: NEW Meinl Paiste Sabian Stagg Zildjian Cymbals

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No, a lap is a slab of wood with tuners and a pickup.

Each Zildjian cymbal that is made carries a maker’s stamp. These stamps have changed over the years in a subtle and not so subtle manner and therefore they represent a timeline of sorts and a way of evaluating the ages of cymbals.

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