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Lucent Heart Preview: Class Skills, Zones, MMO Dating Features

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Lucent Heart is a free to play fantasy-themed MMORPG with some unique features, like its Zodiac system, which allows players to experience the powers of the Zodiac, or the Cupid system, a matchmaking service to find true love.

Please fill in all sections of the form below and click “Update DPS” to get your dps output. For help or to see the latest changes check out the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also track the latest changes on Twitter. It’s been over 5 years since I started FemaleDwarf. I’ve learned a lot from my work on the site, and I’ve greatly enjoyed being able to contribute to and participate in our wonderful hunter community. It’s with a heavy heart that I announce I don’t plan to update the site for the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

I’ve greatly enjoyed my experience in WoW over these almost 10 years, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue playing in the upcoming expansion, and I just can’t make the time investment required to keep this site up to date with it. When I started this site, hunter options for optimization and theorycrafting were a lot more limited.

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Lucent Heart really resembles Log Horizon, in it’s classes mostly. The main classes are priest, wizard, gunner and knight and each main class has two secondary classes. There is also a class named Phantom Warlock, which is a class that transforms into 4 different types of class.

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Mabinogi: Fantasy Life

I also particularly like the Foundry that lets players design their own dungeon which they can then share with other players. The flexible skill system offers players the chance to define their own personal style of play. Combining aspects of multiplayer games with a few new twists, League of Angels brings a unique flair to browser gaming — in addition to embarking on engaging quests, dominating in massive PvP and outwitting fierce events, players can also seek out and train angels.

Recruit and train allies, craft powerful equipment, and seek out Angels to fight side by side to save the world. This is a good game for those who enjoy strategy MMOs. The open beta started on Jan.

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Lucent Heart is a free to play MMORPG game that surrounds you in an enchanting, absolutely gorgeous world of magic and amazing adventures. Now available in Open Beta, the basis of this game is developing relationships amongst players. This is your world and you pretty much can choose what you would like to do. Would you like to journey out and discover magical ancient treasures or dance the lights fantastic? From Therreal City Square to the other lands of Acadia there is magic in the air.

The graphics will engulf you with their sheer splendor and the background music is always upbeat.


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As of Thursday, the relationship-building MMORPG Lucent Heart is live on Steam. Players can now take part in matchmaking, a marriage system, various relationship-themed events, and more. Players can now take part in matchmaking, a marriage system, various relationship-themed events, and more.

User scores are recalculated daily Lucent Heart is an anime inspired MMO that combines astrology and dating together to create an in-depth match making system within the game which encourages you to build relationships with other players and find that special one. Combining this unique feature with the core MMO features of dungeons, monster slaying, professions, questing and PvP Lucent Heart offers it all.

Starting your basic role as either a mage or warrior there is plenty of room for advancement into other roles as you progress to give you greater choice in your character development eventually leading to a total of 8 end game classes. This skill system also has a second level to it through the zodiac system which adds additional powers and even transformations to your character based on your star sign.

Other stand out offerings from Lucent Heart also include a very deep pet customisation system that allows you to raise a powerful ally and the crafting system with a number of professions for you to pursue on the side of the quest filled journey. Many unique elements including soul mate and zodiac system. Tonnes of quests to keep you busy. Player vs player, guild vs guild and party based instances available.

Closed Beta key giveaway for Lucent Heart

Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia. It features a unique Zodiac System which affects verything from combat to character emotions. It also features a dating system With an extensive matchmaking service, where players can find true love and enjoy its benefits both on and off the battlefield.

Players will be prompted to make important class decisions that will affect skills, abilities, and role in this world. The two basic classes are Warrior and Mage. If you prefer to protect allies in battle with your mighty shield or favor guns over magical spells, the Warrior is the way for you.

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