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Doesn’t matter, it can’t happen. It’s bound to come up. Lois could never have Superman’s baby. Do you think her fallopian tubes could handle his sperm? I guarantee he blows a load like a shotgun right through her back. What about her womb? Do you think it’s strong enough to carry his child? He’s an alien, for Christ sake. His Kyrptonian biological makeup is enhanced by Earth’s yellow sun.

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When you see a cheeseburger and fries on the menu at a Thai eatery, turn the other cheek on your greasy old pal. The same goes for you Brits with your bangers and mash. In Thailand, a 12 oz. I need to drink about 4 beers to get a decent buzz. Should I buy myself dinner, or one more beer? Post flyers with your email address, tell everyone you meet.

Ethan Magusin is 38 years old and was born on 9/19/ Currently, he lives in Denver, CO. Sometimes Ethan goes by various nicknames including ethan thomas magusin and ethan t magusin. He currently works as a Self-loather (Level II) at University of Michigan.

There are obvious similarities here with my own posts on self-loathing; in one post I focused on the drawbacks with dating a self-loather man or woman , but they were much more benign, having to do with rejecting help rather than inflicting harm. What accounts for the difference in what Dr. Nowinski and I wrote? Certainly, insecurity and self-loathing are not identical, and there is much room for variation within each one. But for the purposes of examining their effects on relationships I think they can be considered very similar: In this aspect I think they can considered to be the same or, at least, largely overlapping.

If my vision of self-loathing and Dr. Nowinski does not predict dire consequences for all relationships with insecure people, being very clear that insecurity “is not an all-or-none thing.


I’ve been told I’m funny, good at consoling people, a good friend. And I really, really want to make friends, to connect with them, to rely on them and be reliable. But I can’t seem to make any more friends. Currently I have two: I’m tired of eating lunch alone all the time.

Neediness and dating 3 · 3 comments. ENFP(20M) looking for advice. 18 · 21 comments. Distinguish between INFJ and INFP. 3 · 4 comments. This comment is going to make me seem like the typical self-loather who asks for advice and then dismisses it. But I want to be honest.

I never thought I was self-loathing. My boyfriend of 3 years told me that too. He said he is very hard on himself, but I am the worst judge of myself. I am blessed because I try hard to trust the good feedback I get in my life. I think I’m ugly, disgusting, and live in a pigsty. I can try to trust those good friends and people in my life.

It’s really hard to. The bottom line is that I have to get to a point where I am sick of beating myself up. I have to muster up some sort of candor with myself to boost myself out of the pit I can take myself into. This is not easy stuff. I have learned to trust my boyfriend that my body doesn’t bother him, in fact it turns him on.

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I think it should be seperated. While ethnic and self-hatred may be connected the two do not always go together. Ethnic self-hatred is not neccesarily a product of mental illness, it is sometimes a direct result of cultural influence. I think you have a personal agenda here. Please review the Wikipedia:

Self love is an elixir of an immortal heart. Self love is the best love. Many a times, we choose to enter into relationship with others to escape from our own self and to resolve feelings with our own selves.

My object at least is better than yours. I offer you something better, the good of your race. There Herrick confessed to his impotency; confessed that he was weak, cowardly and a self-hater, and proved to the captain that he was no more fitted for accomplishing anything when right was against him than when it had been with him. Booze thickens the tongue of the self-hater and coarsens the work; but water, applied to the right organism, such as this under view, makes liquid and unending the discourse and, in the immortal words of Tennyson, flows around us coots forever, until it makes us haunt the fern.

And from Cornelius Hanford, General Claxton: Knowing how others hated her, she became a self-hater. She was subdued and pitiable, as one who had purposely forfeited all right to the sustaining consolation of personal pride. Altogether, a Google Books search for self-hater yields unique confirmable matches scattered across 33 pages of search results.

The absence of self-hater from big dictionaries indicates that the word 1 isn’t all that popular, and 2 has a meaning so clearly and fully derived from self-hate or self-hatred as not to require coverage in a separate dictionary entry.

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The year-old self-help author and speaker on topics like self-love, self-care and personal empowerment posted recently on Instagram about how she reacted when her daughter called her fat. Then she explained that fat is something everyone has to protect their muscles and bones and give bodies energy. Some people have more fat than others, but no one is better or worse because of it.

If I shame my children for saying it then I am proving that it is an insulting word and I continue the stigma that being fat is unworthy, gross, comical and undesirable. Kimmey says that just as she is careful with the media and content that she consumes, she also tries to filter what reaches her children, though she acknowledges she can shelter them so much.

What usually comes with a low self-image is an increased intelligence and an increased skepticism of politeness or flattery, and you will be called on your bullshit. If you do find them at their most beautiful covered in dirt and dead aphids, tell them in the clearest terms possible.

By identifying the doubts you have about yourself, and asking yourself these simple questions, you might be able to wiggle free of their suffocating embrace. It’s perfectly normal to have a little self-doubt, but it shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you want to do. For example, maybe you think you’re not smart enough to accomplish something, or maybe you don’t think you’re attractive enough to ask someone out.

Whatever particular doubts you have about yourself, Marni Battista, the CEO of dating coaching service Dating with Dignity , suggests you get to the bottom of them with these three questions: Where did I learn this? Did someone say you weren’t smart? Is it because you had a hard time in a certain class? Or did you come up with it on your own? How true is it really? More often than not, your belief isn’t rooted in fact, but assumption. Maybe you assume you aren’t smart because of one little incident.

What is the unconscious gain?

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Sparkle from the Inside Out! From Self-Loathing to Self-Love: Here’s where you can subscribe for weekly goodies delivered to you RSS feed. It believes exactly what you tell it. Through the words you use to describe yourself, the actions you take to care for yourself and the choices you make to express yourself. Tell the world you are a one-of-a-kind creation who came here to experience wonder and spread joy.

And Melton, a former alcoholic, bulimic and all-around self-loather, is willing to talk about all of it during her upcoming visit to Wauwatosa. Beloved mom blogger brings open-book honesty to Tosa.

The FAQ; Chapter 2: Celebrity Culture; Chapter 5: The Fashionable Self-Loather; Chapter 6: Love and Other Romantic Involvements; Chapter 9: Workplace Self-Loathing; Chapter Turning the self-help genre on its head, this humorous, tongue-in-cheek guidebook satirizes modern culture as it teaches how best to self-loathe.

Beginning with the basics of self-loathing, readers learn to loathe everything about themselves, including body, hair, and character, while also covering such topics as self-loathing in sex, dating, fashion, the workplace, and even death. With unwelcome insights and light-hearted abjection, this invaluable resource features quizzes, sidebars, and appendices to aid the ardent beginner in becoming truly proficient in the art of self-loathing.

Reviews Editorial reviews Publisher Synopsis “A gleefully sardonic guide to self-condemnation and disapproval that offers up wisdom in bite-size morsels. This smart, accessible title will entertain audiences from precocious high schoolers to retirees. A good choice for all public collections; academic libraries may also wish to consider. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.


My mum once told me, you cannot change another person, you can only change how you handle them or the situations you face. And this, by principle, is something I live by. Okay, so we’ve all had that one friend or maybe more who is adored by everyone, she’s usually tall, thin, gets on with the lads, funny, confident, and basically everything you feel you are not. But you love her, she’s your best friend, and even though your personalities are kinda polar opposites, it works.

It doesn’t always work, you fight from time to time, either she’s being flaky, or you feel left out, and in the end, you realise you were both wrong, and you makeup, and the world is a better place again.

Your BFFS only know a party animal, the moody self-loather and an obnoxious drunk. The boss says you’re focused yet creative, while #bae says you’re spontaneously sexy.

Separate section for ethnic self-hatred? I think it should be seperated. While ethnic and self-hatred may be connected the two do not always go together. Ethnic self-hatred is not neccesarily a product of mental illness, it is sometimes a direct result of cultural influence. I think you have a personal agenda here. Please review the Wikipedia: No original research , Wikipedia: Cite your sources , and Wikipedia: No personal attacks policies.

You can’t just state your personal opinions here, you have to quote significant published sources on the matter. If you can find an example of anybody using the term “white self-hatred” who isn’t a White supremacist , please supply it. The term “white” is a lot looser a label than most of the other examples in this article. Your example is actually more closely related to White guilt.

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Jonathan Merritt , son of former Southern Baptist Convention president James Merritt, has become something of a prominent figure among younger evangelicals, primarily because of his engagement with cultural issues such as climate change and homosexuality. One week ago a self-identified gay evangelical agnostic blogger by the name of Azariah Southworth publicly identified Jonathan Merritt as gay, claiming that, if the need arose, he could verify his claim with evidence. In this interview, Merritt disclosed two things: He described the sin as follows: In , I was contacted by the blogger [Southworth] in response to an article I wrote about just that—that Christians must love people who experience sexual brokenness.

thanks. useful tips. a statement i try to remember as a self doubter and loather and and huge self critic is. “just because i failed at something, it doesn’t make me a failure.”.

But properly done, the desire to jump out of your skin into something more comfortable can goad you on to great acts of self-improvement, make you much more compelling to both lovers and paparazzi, and bring you far more success than you feel you deserve. The trick is to do it right. That means putting your self-loathing to work for you, so that whether you are trying to hide it or flaunt it, escape the pain of it, or to see how much of it you can stomach, you use your self-loathing to make life more interesting.

Luckily, new avenues for self-loathers abound: And you can still access the classic paths to self-loathing, like mistaking your hostess for her mother or drinking your marriage into oblivion. Yet no one until now has offered the novice any formal instruction in the basics of self-loathing, let alone the techniques of the masters. Self-Loathing for Beginners aims to meet that need.

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