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It’s on a 2 wire hookup with no hidden gimmicks Lowers Dead-key to 2. Don’t be fooled into spending lots of money by the local CB shop doctor who is charging you 20 times what the parts are worth Did you know that 2 of those wires are not even hooked up to anything inside the little “M ” styled housing? They give you instructions to solder the other 2 wires, basically to dead-end-streets, just to make you feel like you’re doing something major. The housing serves only one purpose, to conceal the truth about what you’re not getting, and to help keep the parts from shorting out on the circuit board, but mostly to hide the false interior. Seriously guys, there are 2 parts soldered in parallel in these things, and you only have 2 wires to hook up, so what I have is, a truthful, honest, no gimmicks, product. We simply dip the component in a non-conductive coating to keep those components from shorting out in your radio. With the M Super Modulator kit, you’ll get all the parts and complete instructions to complete the installation of a “Super Modulator” kit in about 30 minutes, and do it all with no previous electronics experience!

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Resurrected CB radio base station – Duration Rob Swindell 8, views. Dating Website Hacked Almost all CB radios come with an unprocessed power line, which consists of a ground and a hot wire. Getting power to your CB radio can be a little tricky. Luckily, there are a few different options depending on your level of electrical ability and your specific vehicle setup.

Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on latest top Cb radios the antenna.

The CB Radio Talk Forum. The CB Radio Talk (CBRT) Forum been online for over 14 years, and we have over 27, members. I have a stock cobra 29 LTD I would like to try my hand @ doing some upgrades. I have a good soldering iron and some basic soldering abilities. I also have a blue thunder w amp I want to hook up. Can u guys help me.

Next How to hook up and power a CB radio? I just purchased a used Cobra 19 Ultra and an antenna. I read that I need to get at my fuse box, but I don’t know where this is even located and even if I did I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I got to I read that I need to get at my fuse box, but I don’t know where this is even located and even if I did I wouldn’t know what to do with it once I got to it. I’d also like to hear some suggestions on where to put the antenna and the unit so that I don’t have wires all over the place.

Any help is much appreciated! I read in a few places that tapping into the cigarette lighter power is not always the best idea, and I’m already powering a radar detector from the cigarette lighter and occassionally a laptop via a power inverter. I’ve read a few other places that recommend going directly into the battery but then you run I’ve read a few other places that recommend going directly into the battery but then you run the risk of draining the battery if you forget the manually turn the unit off.

My car expert friend just suggested tapping into the cigarette lighter power as that is usually fine. At his suggestion I managed to take out that part of my console and I can see the wires but I don’t know how to “tap into” them. Do I have to cut the wires and splice them myself?

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It only helped to remove white noise and engine ignition noise out of the background but the squelch was the same with ANL on or off. The cobra 19 might be labeled as “touchy” only because it has a sensitive squelch. As far as picking up alot of background static and white noise, its been pretty good at blocking it. The XL was the first cb I ever had and my buddy had the same. They were unusable with ANL off.

Best CB Radio. The Uniden PROXL channel CB radio is the popular choice for many consumers. The Uniden radio produces high-quality sound. The equipment is small enough to place in a car.

Now the fun begins First I had to decide if I was going to use an 18′ coax or cut it and make it shorter. Most installers think you must use 18′ of cable. But, if you read the article at Stu Olson’s Jeep Site you may change your mind. I made my cable 11’9″ as per Stu’s suggestion. I chose to use a ground type antenna instead of a NGP No Ground Plane type antenna even though the coach is fiberglass.

IE – There is no “ground plane” per si. I made my own grounding system. I attached 2 wires from the antenna ground, attached 1 to the aluminum frame that front cap is attached to and the other 1 runs to the ground connection under the dash where the CB power ground is connected. This ground continues down to the steel bracket that holds the brake pedal and ultimately the chassis frame.

Cobra CB Radio Model 75WXST

Mounting Locations Thanks to a lack of dash space on our XJ’s there are not a wide variety of mounting locations in the dash. Rather than learn from ‘trial and error’, I thought it would be a good idea to share some XJ cb radio mounting photos to help you decide what will work best for you BEFORE you go hacking and drilling holes in your interior. Don’t put it here This was my first shot at doing this and it wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had. Sure, the radio looks good there but it was dang near impossible to see while driving!

Boss Front Tow Hook Kit. $ Boss Front and Rear Tow $ Harness Clip Set – Both Seats. Cobra CB Radio Model 75 WXST 10 Weather Channels- Receive immediate, up to the minute weather information 24 hours a day.

CB radios have long been a mainstay for truckers, but they’re also popular with off-roaders, RV owners, and motorcyclists and hobbyists. CBs are useful in keeping groups of individuals organized and in contact during events, such as those enjoyed by “wheelers. Also, some drivers still use CBs to identify speed traps, even though radar detectors have largely taken over that task.

Using your CB could help you find an alternate route in a traffic jam, warn you of road blockages ahead, get you real-time weather reports and severe weather warnings, and get you assistance for a mechanical breakdown or medical emergency. On long solo trips, the CB can be the faithful companion that keeps your interest, making the miles fly by, while also helping you stay awake and alert. Once you’ve decided to get a CB radio, selecting one that is within your budget, will meet your communication needs, and is suitable for your vehicle are preliminary steps that can affect the CB radio installation, set-up and hook-up.

Choosing a Radio In one way, all CB radios are the same, no matter what you pay: There are three general types of radios based on their intended use, including:

Adding A VFO to the Cobra GTL

Most of the ones still in business are in business simply because they charge outrageous prices. Don’t get me wrong there are still honest CB shops around. The cost of operating a CB shop has increased greatly over the past several years.

I ended up getting the JeepUniq Cobra 75 WX CB Mic Holder Grab Bar Mount (for JK). It is a non-permanent, small form factor holder that is easy to install. It is a non-permanent, small form factor holder that is easy to install.

Customer kept on bringing in CB with problem of blowing fuses. Everytime he brought it in diode D17 would be shorted with fuse blown. Diode D17 is a Protection device in case of incorrect wiring. It will pass the current thru it and pop the fuse hopefully. After 2 times in 2 months of this problem with each repair being Basically it was just a 3 amp circuit breaker in line with his power wire.

It will now trip the circuit breaker instead of shorting the diode or blowing his fuse. Also he had a problem of sticking bigger and bigger fuses in it. That was 3 months ago and he hasn’t had it back in. Clip D9 for more Modulation. Like in most radio’s I take the tranistor out which in this case is TR14 and tape it inside the unit somewhere.

Cobra 19 Ultra III Compact CB Review

I also want to apologize in advance for the low res pictures, yes they were taken with my cell phone, sorry but its better than nothing! I think it turned out great and looks really clean. Everything looks nice and is out of the way, yet still convenient to get to. If you are unfamiliar with the Cobra 75, it is basically an all in one unit. All the controls are on the mic, so basically all you have to do is mount the very small box and you have a CB!

This photo shows a ‘mini’ cb mounted up top on the dash. Easy to see the readout & small size doesn’t overwhelm the dash or obscure the view. Cobra mini-cb mounted between the sunvisors to a piece of metal retained by the sunvisor clips. (Sunvisor clips are held by sheet metal screws and easy to remove & replace.) hook up & operation of.

Now that you have obtained your MMSI number, you must entered it into your radio. If you do not have the Owner’s Manual, go online to the manufacturer’s website and download a copy of the manual. This might be helpful if you wanted to communicate location information to each other. GPS receivers come in many shapes and sizes. They can be simple as the one shown above or they can be a full feature Chart Plotter.

The instructions will be in your Owner’s Manual. The details will be in the portion of the manual which describes installation procedures. In the manual for this piece of equipment, turn to the section that describes the wiring aspects of the installation. There will be a diagram which indicated the color of the wires in the wiring harness.


Microphone wiring can be a real pain if you aren’t sure how to work out which wire goes where. If you get this in the wrong place you will be fighting an uphill battle. Normally when I’m wiring 5 pins I put a sleeve on each wire to prevent this. Back to 4 pin.

To tune the antenna, hook it up without the linear in line. Hook a short coax directly from the radio into the SWR meter and from the meter directly to the antenna. If you leave the linear in line you will get an erroneous SWR reading, your antenna won’t be tuned right so you won’t get good performance and you will shorten the linear’s life.

Just back from New Zealand and no chat. Hi just left geelong station on Gull bus to Melbourne airport heading to NewZealand -now the dx slip will open up lol AX Hey guys DX on melb to qld AX Mike Thanks to register – like your website also Mike Fontaine: I’d like to invite you to visit my site at http: Re-Post as a new member: Hello from the Sunshine State: What do you think of the website? I also think we are at the very end on Solar cycle 24, and after maybe another months we will see the good old days of skip return AX Awesome, good to hear, it will get better DX soon into summer here Mark: I’m a Scot living in Cali now.

Just getting back into the hobby this last year after a 20 year absence AX BTW thanks for registering mate AX

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