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Share Musket balls are the types of projectiles that are fired from muskets. Before they were loaded down the muzzle , they were usually wrapped in paper or cloth , to keep excess gas behind the barrel. They were usually made of lead. Musket balls were made by pouring molten lead into a musket ball mould and trimming off surplus lead once it had cooled. At times stone musket balls were used. The lead musket balls expanded upon entering a body, often causing a large exit wound.

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Expand your knowledge with appreciation of that era. Discover the important part it played on Georgia’s citizens. See Civil War maps. Click on light blue links for more info. Alexander H Stephens Park – This site combines the recreational fun of a state park with the educational resources of a historic site.

Musket balls were made by pouring molten lead into a musket ball mould and trimming off surplus lead once it had cooled. At times stone musket balls were used. The lead musket balls expanded upon entering a body, often causing a large exit wound.

A Acanthus Scroll – An engraving design patterned after any of a variety of plants of the genus Acanthus, native to the Mediterranean, with large, segmented, thistle-like leaves. Photo Accuracy – The inherent ability of a firearm to shoot consistently to the same point of impact. Sight adjustment and marksmanship are separate issues. Colt’s proprietary designation for a type of rimless cartridge design for reliable feeding from the magazine in a semi-automatic handgun.

Photo Action – The receiver of a gun containing the breech-locking and firing mechanism. The serially-numbered, legal soul of a firearm.

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In , 11 Australian commandos , all white, disguised themselves as Malay fishermen by dyeing their skin brown and boarding a fishing boat. They sailed through 2, miles of Japanese-controlled ocean from Australia to Singapore. At one point they even traveled right alongside a Japanese warship without them noticing anything strange which was good, because none of the commandos could speak Malay.

Nov 11,  · Military kit through the ages: from the Battle of Hastings to Helmand From the crude weaponry and armour of the Battle of Hastings, to the high-tech kit of modern conflict, a .

Lisle custom built Tennessee Mountain Rifle adorning the banner across the top of this page. If you’re feeling that urge to own and hunt with a front-loaded rifle that’s definitely first class all the way, be ready to fork out some first class cash. Perhaps even a few hand cannons accompanied some of the earliest expeditions to the Americas.

In about , as the coastal areas of New England slowly became populated, gunsmiths began to ply their trade on this continent. These early armorers probably spent most of their talents repairing European arms already at hand rather than actually making arms. Of those guns built in the colonies however, few displayed characteristics that distinguished them from the arms from England and Europe.

With them, the Germans brought a short, clubby-looking arm known as the “Yager”, “Yeager”, or “Jaeger” rifle – a hunter’s rifle. Before the to inch barreled large bore rifled Jaeger appeared in America, most arms brought to the New World had been smoothbore muskets and fowlers, commonly of English or French design. The first settlers to arrive in the areas of today’s Pennsylvania cities of Lancaster, Reading and Bethlehem found total wilderness, and their only real link to civilzation were the trails that led back to Philadelphia – a hundred or more miles away.

The true Jaeger rifles brought to America, and which were likely the first true American built firearms, were generally large bored – commonly of. These were commonly between. Depending On Wood Grade However, as settlement moved ever more westerly, and the game hunted became larger, by the s there was a return to larger.

Likewise, the rifles headed for the mountain country of the West once again became shorter, with the half-stock design favored for the rough and tumble life of the breed that became known as “Mountain Men”.

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Click on any thumbnail for a larger image. Nice condition and quite rare, date, Sinclair Hamilton Confederate marked,. This musket is double Sinclair Hamilton marked – has original nipple protector with chain intact – long range site intact – both sling swivels and leather musket sling – original ramrod and original brass tompion intact.

It has about as good rifling remaining now as during the Civil War, and the action works perfectly both on half-cock and full-cock. This is about as nice a Southern marked Enfield as you are going to see. SOLD date, Enfield, 2-band carbine, blacksmith handcrafted by shortening a standard Infantry, 3-band, Enfield – Tower, rifled musket.

A Dictionary of Military Architecture, Fortification and Fieldworks from theIron Age to the Eighteenth Century.

Usually worn around the neck 23 Fire lighting kit including flint and striker and tinder 24 Yard of match — the cord that burns to give fire to the gun 26 Worm — for clearing blockages 27 Ramrod 28 Bag of 20 caliver lead balls 29 Caliver – before Elizabeth I came to the throne in gunsmiths around the country would make the muskets used in battle to their own specifications. The new queen insisted on standardisation, and so the bore caliver was introduced 30 Money bag with gold coins New Model Army musketeer, Battle of Naseby 1 Latchet shoes – straight lasted shoes, i.

The NMA was the first to try and standardise equipment and equip its soldiers with a standard coat. At the time they only had two prongs 24 Spoon 25 Drinking vessel made from horn 26 Wooden bowl 27 Leather flask lined with pitch 28 Felted woollen hat, the paper in the hat band is a religious tract. A lot of the soldiers of the New model Army were from the “low church” tradition, where sermons are the central feature of the service.

It has white worsted woollen cap cords and tassels, a brass cap plate bearing a Coldstream star in the centre, a black leather cockade worn on the left hand side red and white feathered plume to indicate that the wearer is from a centre company. If the soldier was from the Grenadier Company he would wear a white plume and from the Light Company a Green plume 2 Fingerless woollen gloves 3 Soldiers red short coat bearing the rank of Corporal, it was lined with course linen and had Royal Blue facings, white worsted lace pewter buttons in two’s as is the custom for the Coldstream Guards.

On the top is a rolled Greatcoat and mess tins held in place by pipeclayed buff leather straps 8 Leather cartridge box which contained 60 rounds of pre-packed ball cartridge ammunition, it has a Coldstream Guards star fitted to it and was carried on the right hip by a pipeclayed buff leather shoulder belt. It had an effective range of meters but was capable of firing to meters. The soldier would remove the cartridge from the cartridge box, bite off the end to release the powder, pour a small amount into the pan and the rest down the barrel.

The now empty cartridge still attached to the musket ball would then be placed into the barrel as wadding and the ramrod used to ram it down. The musket would be cocked and was then ready to fire.

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But Chris is British — and chose to make Tobago his home many years ago. His enthusiasm is echoed by Nick Hardwicke, who owns the Seahorse Inn restaurant on the west coast. And how do local people feel? Regina Dumas, who runs an eco-lodge in the hills, says: I had visited only half a dozen Caribbean islands before my trip here but had fallen in love with the place within a couple of days of arriving.

Wayne Needy recovered these artifacts from Maryland Civil War sites with his Garrett AT Pro. Included are a scarce Union Dragoon button, eleven bullet varieties, a kepi buckle, a Springfield musket wrench, iron Hotchkiss canister, brass throat from a sword scabbard, coins, and miscellaneous buttons.

Although tactically inconclusive, the battle was a strategic loss for Stuart and Robert E. Lee, whose plans to drive into the Union rear were foiled. This wheatfield, one of many such wheatfields that was golden with ripening grain surrounding the south central Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg, would forever be known simply as The Wheatfield. Over the course of one long bloody afternoon, this Wheatfield would become, like places such as Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, and the Peach Orchard, firmly entrenched in the American memory as a place American killed American during the bloody battle of Gettysburg.

By the end of July 2, the wheat would be trampled and the ground soaked with blood, forever hallowing the ground, surrounding woods, and the simple name of this place where Americans fought and bled and died. This Eagle Breast Plate was recovered at the Wheatfield on the Gettysburg Battlefield years after the battle and was part of the Shield’s Museum collection. The Breast Plate is in dug condition and has a nice patina. The iron loops for attachment have long since rusted away which is common as iron deteriorates when buried in the ground for a long period of time.

Furthermore the Eagle’s head pointing towards the olive branch signifies a preference for peace rather than war. Excellent addition to any collection, big or small.

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Every film and TV nightmare has a real beginning and Ireland is the place to find them. Here are the most well-known horror movie monsters brought to life! It is unusual therefore to find that The Vatican have documented a case from , telling of a peaceful Christian Werewolf!

A. Acanthus Scroll – An engraving design patterned after any of a variety of plants of the genus Acanthus, native to the Mediterranean, with large, segmented, thistle-like Accuracy – The inherent ability of a firearm to shoot consistently to the same point of impact. Sight adjustment and marksmanship are separate issues. ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol.

After leaving the liberal anti-gun, anti-hunting cesspool known as Missoula, Montana I found a great little place in Northwest Montana, nestled between the Bitterroot Mountains and the Cabinet Mountains But, the two small cabins I now own are taking a lot of time and much of our limited resources to make livable It has also taken a lot of time and effort to get this web magazine back up and running strong, after being somewhat in limbo for a couple of months.

This year, I failed to draw any “Special Application” big game tags. I didn’t draw a cow elk tag for the hunting unit where I live I didn’t get one of the “draw only” whitetail doe tags for the same area Then, there was the lack of finances for making a trip back to the Midwest to hunt the “muzzleloader seasons” in three states. Back in the spring, while still somewhat “camping out indoors” at the cabin my dogs and I now call home, I did get in just a little bear hunting I guess I’m getting more picky in my older age.

That was kind of evident during my spring turkey hunts as well. Early in the season, I passed on at least four adult gobblers, and came very close to NOT filling my tag. Then, during the last week of the five-week long season, a very quick early afternoon hunt rewarded me with the huge tom shown above left The turkey offered an easy, less than 20 yards, shot for the Pedersoli side-by-side percussion gauge.


Click on any thumbnail for a large image I think that when I started mixing blackberry wine with moonshine is when “the mule threw Luther”!!! After 40 years, we are now on-line, at shows, and open by appointment only. These animals got caught in the snow storm, but still had to find something to eat! Thanks to our good buddy, Charlie, out in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming for some outstanding wildlife photographs.

It is amazing to me how many Civil War and history enthusiasts also love the wildlife and outdoors.

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Posted November 15, Sure, the rich and powerful are chronicled in books and government documents, said Rita Elliott, research associate and education coordinator at the nonprofit Lamar Institute in Savannah. As a result, countless archaeological sites have been destroyed. Unmitigated development continues across Savannah, moving into areas where archaeological sites have managed to survive thus far.

But the artifacts are there. A dig in Madison Square uncovered a trash-filled ditch from the time of the Revolutionary War. The costs of adding archaeology to a big development are small, especially compared to not doing it, advocates contend. Augustine, New Orleans, Alexandria, Va.

A Dictionary of Military Architecture.

It was the Freestyle. Over the next seven years, six other pouches were designed and made, plus a unique styled powderhorn complimented by a matching priming horn. In January, , the original business was sold and moved to North Idaho.

A musket ball dating from the start of the Jacobite Rising in has been found in the Highlands. Paul Macdonald, an historic weapons expert from Edinburgh, found the object at the ruins of.

My next find was a musket ball – a usual find at any tavern site. Taverns were frequented by soldiers all the time during any time period, whether it was war or peace. Nikolai’s first find – the 18th century Naval officer’s belt buckle described above, was also an evidence to that. Perhaps, after the Swedes were dislodged from this land in the early 18th century, this place continued to be a popular hangout. This one was 15mm in diameter.

It would be impossible either to date a musket ball by just measuring its diameter or determine whether it was a musket ball or a pistol shot. The typical musket calibres ranged from 0. Usually non-metallic objects, such as bottle glass fragments and china shards, are recovered along with metallic targets and can be helpful in dating the site.

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