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And both happened at about the same time. As condensed history, so it goes. But hops also radically impacted pottery history. Everybody wanted beer once early 16th century brewers, village housewives mostly, began producing it. And the best beer containers, before mass produced glass, were stoneware bottles. Germans had been tinkering with stoneware since the 10th century. But 16th to 18th century salt-fired German stoneware became world renowned because of beer.

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Partly from Europe, dating from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the exceptional earthenware and porcelain on sale on the site are very eclectic. Objects from all the major European production centres with refined decorations are on offer, including beautiful 18th century polychrome porcelain figurines and the production of large porcelain centers. Antiquity pottery The following are presented in the Archaeology section of the site, rare ceramics, such as prehistoric Neolithic jugs or ancient Roman amphorae in pottery, Etruscan terracotta statues, statuettes of Tanagra or remarkable Greek vases with red or black figures.

Italian, Spanish or Portuguese earthenware and ceramics We offer for sale on Furnish Your Castle the majolica of Umbria or Tuscany from the factories of Urbino, Deruta, Faenza or Gubbio, the city of Maestro Georgio, or the lustrous medieval or Renaissance earthenware of Spain and the famous Portuguese panels in tiles of Azulejos. Exceptional french porcelain and faience Important prestigious earthenware workshops were located in Lyon, Nevers, Rouen, Marseille or Bordeaux.

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Het wolwerk van Oosterhout in de zeventiende en achttiende eeuw; Uit de schaduw van Breda, op de schouders van Tilburg, kort gehouden door Holland. Clay pipes from Denmark. The archaeology of the clay tobacco pipe IV. BAR International Series 92, p. Clay pipes from the man-of war Kronan. Delfts aardewerk; geschiedenis van een nationaal product; deel II.

Att datera en kritpipa.

Salt glaze pottery

When did pots become domestic? Special pots and everyday pots in British prehistory Ann Woodward This wide-ranging review considers the social roles of pottery vessels in prehistoric Britain from the beginning of the Neolithic through to the Middle Iron Age — a period of four millennia. The results of recent research, particularly that involving the consideration of vessel capacities and contextualisation, are woven together in order to substantiate a novel and provocative hypothesis, that prior to the Middle Iron Age, most pots were made and used for the consumption of food, drink and hallucinogenic substances in the context of communal gatherings and feasting.

It was only from the Middle Iron Age onwards that larger assemblages of ceramics included a wide range of everyday cooking and eating vessels.

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Rhenish Westerwald Mug By: Lauren Rossi The vivid cobalt accents against the tan covered surface highlight the incisions carved into the mug. Although only a section of the mug has been recovered, it still reveals a great deal of information regarding where it came from and when it was made. The dimpled surface suggests a salt-glaze, the combination of a buff clay body and blue design aligns with a certain ceramic style, and the fact that it was found in North Eastern New Jersey all begin to piece together the history of the object itself, along with the people who came into contact with it.

Pieces of German stoneware recovered from Raritan Landing. Grossman , plate V1. It was not until construction was being finished on a federal sewage project that archaeologists found house foundations, ceramics, and other sources of evidence indicative of past use. Due to the fact that construction was nearly completed for the sewage line, archaeologists had to work quickly, excavating the site in eleven weeks in freezing conditions. This limited time frame and difficult environment caused the investigation to use newer forms of technology for analyzing the landscape.

These new methods in archaeology allowed excavations and analyses to become more scientific and exact in nature. The Raritan Landing investigation is an example of this, as archaeologists limited their time digging up the land to gather data, and instead utilized devices that could measure the layers of soil and detect objects below without even breaking the soil.

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March 13, Yellow Magic The s interior came in all shades of brown. So did a lot of West German vases. But looking good against a brown backdrop, were a great number of vases in the brightly colored glazes the s are also known for. Today, these seem to be the most collectible. For their choice of color, it is good to think of them in the context of the s interior, because obviously that is where they would have to look good in. Reds and oranges go very well with brown.

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Why is Ludwell Valley special? There are many reasons why. We all have our own list, but here are a couple of reasons from history. Ludwell valley is a place people have been drawn to since the neolithic period. It has been continually used and occupied for 6, or 7, years. There is nowhere else in Devon that can say this. Why is it called Ludwell? So where was this loud river? There is a spring, now under the kitchen floor of Ludwell House.

It may be that there was an old watercourse, fed by the spring, which Ludwell Lane now follows, flowing down to join the North Brook. How the Northbrook gave Wonford its name Nearly all of Ludwell Valley Park is the ancient parish of Heavitree — only the part of the playing fields nearest the Topsham Road and the last stretch of Northbrook before it runs under the Topsham Road are in Topsham parish. But Wonford is an even older name, and it comes from a rather surprising source… The ancient parish of Heavitree The old name for the Northbrook, recorded in a Saxon charter of AD, was Wynford.

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Last week, we learned about the blue and white Chinese Export Porcelain reproductions gracing the house. This week, in the second post of this series, will investigate the white salt-glaze stoneware and the Westerwald stoneware. These fragments are from white salt-glazed WSG stoneware dinner plate rims, and show two different styles of molded decoration. A few decades later, creamware would replace it as popular dinnerware, but the rim patterns found on WSG were often very similar to those used on later creamware.

During the height of the Colonial Revival decorating style in mid th century America, the patterns used on WSG and creamware back in the 18th century had a major resurgence.

Westerwald Pottery or Stoneware is a distinctive type of salt glazed grey pottery from the Höhr-Grenzhausen and Ransbach-Baumbach area of Westerwaldkreis in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. £ 0 .

The set was previously owned by his grandparents and although I assumed they liked it, everyone else in the family thought it was ugly. I am not typically a fan of multi-color transferware but I love this set, especially the Grand Tour theme, consisting of different romantic European vistas. After his grandfather passed away, it was clear that nobody wanted the dishes except for us. Sadly, it did not make the journey from Massachusetts to Washington intact. After yet another year or so, I saw that an attempt had been made to repair the platter and curiously, a metal washer!

At this point, I had to take matters into my own hands and asked Mary if I could rescue the platter and try to repair it myself. I had recently taken a Kintsugi class to learn the ancient Japanese method of repair using lacquer and gold, and felt this platter was a worthy candidate.

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Economic celebrity as clay services for restaurants begins in the seventeenth century, with the high-quality Renaissance containers manufactured here and from the likewise considerable clay occurrences in this area. In all the world the Rheinish stoneware containers are respected. From the work with the clay settlements developed that are with us today: Furnace setters, fitter and machine-builders, plant electricians, forest workers, miners, forwarding agents and also packing companies take their origin in ceramic s production just like pharmaceutical ware and serving plates.

July 17 Stoneware ‘salem’s Lot Beer Dating Ceramica Ale Quotes Pottery. Westerwald Stoneware Jug, Dated Find this Pin and more on Westerwald stoneware cc. by Looking Tour. See more A SUPERB 18TH CENTURY WESTERWALD STONEWARE STEIN WITH PEWTER LID & DATED Find this Pin and more on jarras tapa perola by Eduardo. See more.

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Bay Keramik The West German pottery designers liked using archaic, folk, or mythic images, and those at Bay were no exception. This bird and snowflake shows up on a variety of shapes and with many glazes, but this is the best combo I’ve seen. Height is about 10″. Shipping will depend on location. Contact us for a quote. E-Mail Us This West German pottery double vase was made by Bay Keramik in the ‘s, but the glaze is a throwback to work done by Belgian companies or even Fulper from the ‘s and 30’s.

Also in the Westerwald region of Germany just a few miles form King-Werks is the other still remaining manufacturer of authentic German Beer Steins. Zoller and Born was founded in by Alois Zoller and Werner Born and is a family owned business.

For a full index of the assessment reports, please see the assessment report index. Most sherds are of late Medieval date, possibly dating to the last quarter of the 15th century. Methodology Most of the pottery was examined macroscopically and using a binocular microscope x 20 where appropriate, and recorded on paper and on an excel spreadsheet using standard Museum of London codes for fabrics, forms and decoration. The numerical data comprises sherd count, estimated number of vessels and weight.

The distribution of the pottery was considered in the light of the broad phasing supplied by the excavator. Fabrics The pottery falls into seven different fabric categories based on ware type and decoration, and these in turn fall into 20 broad classes defined by either source area or general tradition, with a few further subdivisions based on form. Imports are the second most common category by sherd count and weight but derive from only 20 vessels.

Cheam wares and Tudor Green wares ibid are in fourth place by vessel count. The other ware types, comprising Kingston-type ware ibid , Mill Green ware Pearce et al , late Medieval Hertfordshire glazed ware Jenner and Vince , south Herts-type grey ware and shelly-sandy ware Blackmore and Pearce in prep are all represented by less than ten sherds. Forms All the pottery ENV is domestic in origin, with a range of kitchen and tablewares.

On the whole the numbers of sherds per vessel are small, and usually well under ten; the highest numbers are 10 and 24 sherds.

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