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The new laws took effect October 1. Any divorce action filed after that date is subject to these new laws. We will discuss the biggest change to Maryland divorce law in this post, and some other changes in a future post. The hope from legislators and attorneys is that it will reduce the amount of fighting among divorcing couples. Most of the grounds for a divorce involve blaming your spouse for doing some wrong act. One spouse would have to leave the marital home. Then we advised our clients to use the one year forced separation time to work on your separation agreement. If you have all the legal details wrapped up in an agreement, the court would usually adopt your agreement into your divorce order when you went to court. This meant you — and not some Judge you never met before — would be in control of your future. But it also meant you had to wait one full year before even filing your divorce.

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Previous Next Divorce in Maryland: Do I Need A Witness? As of October 1, , the Maryland Legislature removed what has been a procedural roadblock for people seeking an uncontested divorce based on a one-year separation. Until this newly enacted law, parties seeking an uncontested divorce were required to bring an independent witness to testify that the litigants had lived separate and apart, and without cohabitation, for even one day as husband and wife.

The purpose of the statute was to prevent people from seeking a divorce based on a one-year separation when, in fact, they had not separated.

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What is a use and possession order? When you are going through a divorce, it is difficult to be objective. If you do not have any training in family law, you will not know how to protect yourself and fight for the best outcome for your case. You need smart, tough, hard-working lawyers to protect your interests. You need attorneys who can advise you about all the options that may be available to you and who can give you good sound advice.

The partners in our law firm are very experienced family law attorneys.

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News Maryland Politics Did they spend the night together? Bill would end need for divorce court witness The annual day session of the Maryland General Assembly begins Wednesday, Jan. Here are a few other key dates for the legislature. To get a divorce in Maryland, people often must swear in court that they have not spent the night with their spouse in the past year — and a witness needs to corroborate that.

A bill being considered by the General Assembly would end what some lawmakers call an arcane and ridiculous requirement.

In order to file for a divorce in North Carolina, a person must have lived in North Carolina for at least six months prior to filing for the divorce, the spouses must have been separated for more than a year prior to filing, and one of the parties had to have intended the separation to be permanent.

Anonymous The divorce process has been initiated MD and now I have discovered that my ex is seeing someone else less than a month after the separation began. Can I use this somehow to my advantage? I didn’t file on the adultery ground, but I am thinking my attorney can amend the complaint to include that now. I read a posting on an attorney’s blog that indicated the paramour can be named as a co-respondent in the complaint – true?

This is a difficult process, so please don’t pile on. I would really just love some practical advice on the adultery issue. FWIW – I am seeking alimony and custody. The point when you separated is when your marriage was over and he does not have an obligation to live like a monk. If your marriage was irretrievably broken on, for example, August 1, why would evidence that he was dating on September 1 help you in any way?

It would just be further evidence that your marriage was irretrievably broken. There’s no advantage to adding a second ground to your divorce complaint or dragging in a co-respondent.

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Similarly, states also have legal requirements for divorce that define the process married couples must go through to get divorced. Spouses in Maryland must be state residents for at least one year, but once the other legal requirements are met, there’s no waiting period before a divorce is final. The standard grounds for divorce include adultery, desertion, cruelty, or incurable insanity.

In Maryland, there are several available grounds for divorce. Each of these grounds has specific factual requirements that must be met, and the grounds that you choose may impact other aspects of your case.

A separation agreement can provide direction while your divorce is pending, and can make the divorce process much easier. What is included in a separation agreement? Whether through mediation, while involved in litigation, or through the Collaborative process, you and your spouse can negotiate a separation agreement and be as creative as needed to address all the unique issues related to dissolution of your marriage. What can be, and what should be, included in your separation agreement is best determined on a case-by-case basis.

It is important to seek the independent advice of an experienced attorney when considering entering into a separation agreement. What is legal separation? Many clients are interested in obtaining a “legal separation.

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Though, generally speaking, any married couple can separate due to marital problems, though it is a legal separation which is recognized by the courts and under applicable laws. Therefore, when the term separation is used, it is most likely done within the context of a legal separation. What is a Legal Separation? However, a legal separation does not mean dissolution of the marriage; under a legal separation court order, the couple will remain married and be recognized under law as a married couple.

Maryland Family Law General information and commentary on child custody, support, divorce, separation and visitation.

Annulment Absolute Divorce When most people think of divorce, they may be thinking of what Maryland calls Absolute Divorce. In this type of divorce the couple is completely and permanently separated. They have made the necessary decisions regarding child custody, visitation, and division of property, child support and alimony. If the couple was unable to make any of these decisions, the court has made the decision on their behalf.

The couple is free to remarry. Limited Divorce Limited Divorce is for couples who are committed to divorcing, but may have a contested area or the couple has not yet met the grounds for divorce that are needed for an Absolute Divorce. The couple may still have disagreements in some of the divorce terms.

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Frederick MD Use FindLaw to hire a local military divorce lawyer to work with you on issues like community property division, debt allocation, military retirement plan divisions, military benefit divisions, child custody and support, alimony, and tax considerations. Need an attorney in Baltimore, Maryland? FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys.

The classification of marital and non-marital property becomes particularly important at the time of a separation and divorce. A spouse must make a timely claim for the distribution of property during the divorce proceedings, either in the complaint for the limited or absolute divorce or annulment, or in a counter complaint.

However, pursuing a divorce without regard to who is at fault can speed up the process and eliminate some of the complications. If you think that you can come to an agreement on custody, support, and division of assets, it might pay off for you and your spouse to learn more about the process of a no-fault divorce in Maryland.

Divorce is a serious legal proceeding that dissolves the marriage contract between two people. Most of the obligations, rights, and privileges that arose from that contract are permanently terminated. All divorces, even uncontested divorces, cost significant amounts of time and money. Therefore, a divorce proceeding is not something to enter into lightly. Have a serious and frank discussion with your spouse to make sure that a divorce is something you really want.

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A separation agreement can be a useful legal tool for couples on the brink of divorce. At the Annapolis Law Office of Kari Holm Fawcett, I can structure your agreement to help establish guidelines for uncontested proceedings when the time comes for divorce. With proper consideration, your agreement can take care of both parties’ financial and legal needs. I can help you find solutions to your legal issues before a divorce complaint is filed.

I will focus my energy on providing you with a personalized separation agreement tailored to your needs. Your agreement can also help provide clear, effective direction for any future legal actions.

Family Law – Divorce on Grounds of Mutual Consent That the Laws of Maryland read as follows: 12–month separation, when the parties have lived separate and apart without cohabitation for 12 months without interruption before the filing of the application.

Often, even when a couple is in the middle of getting a divorce, they can still agree more than disagree. For amicable couples who can agree on the terms of a divorce, an uncontested divorce settlement may be the best option. This article will explain the nature of an uncontested divorce and Maryland uncontested divorce law.

If you still have any questions after reading this article or would like to file for an uncontested divorce, you should consult with an experienced divorce attorney. Click here for the complete guide to filing for uncontested divorce. Uncontested Divorce in Maryland Defined Like many states, Maryland has created a separate fast-track divorce process for couples seeking an uncontested divorce.

Under the Maryland uncontested divorce fast track, a mutual consent divorce is available for spouses without children.

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