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Anyone that takes a stand against him is automatically accused of having an affair with his pretty wife. His only defender is an insane pornographer who just unloads a ton of rant via the internet. Ora usually tones down what I write. They try so hard to accomplish a peaceful end to a bad marriage, but men like Meir never stop. They want it all their way and they use the withholding of the Get to accomplish acquiring their abusive demands. Below is the sample letter. A half decade in which you were given every possible chance to come to the table like a man — endless offers with which you were presented, with so many opportunities to resolve your differences with Lonna — but, like the spoiled little child that you are, you have chosen to remain abusive and recalcitrant in your adamant refusal to answer the call of a world famous Jewish Bet Din and issue a valid and kosher get to Lonna. And your pornographer cohort blogger friend — your moral leader you both deserve each other — and will surely burn in hell together , and partner in crime, does not even deserve to be mentioned by name yimach shemo — let alone be responded to. And that tells us a lot about how you are spending your time. Your endless false accusations of affairs with Lonna against anyone who dares help her in her quest for just being done with you is further proof of how sick you are.

off the derech

These Bochurim rent cars, drive into New York, and seek out their future life partner. Lounges across the city Brooklyn Marriot, anyone? But the question is not necessarily if there is a Maariv Minyan that late; the question is whether one should daven Maariv that late. It turns out, as with many issues in halacha, that there is no simple answer. But first, some background is necessary.

And btw, “off the derech” means alot of different things. Are you talking about completely off the derech or what is, in your view, a too large of a move down in observance? I guess most people want obedient little housewives, not independent thinkers.

My parents think it does not matter when the husband and wife are hashkafically different. I think it really does matter. Even if you compromise on things, you will still have a problem. How can you have a good marriage if you are on a different wavelength than your spouse? That is the problem I have with dating. Or shadchanim are sending me women who were totally off the derech but cleaned up. My sister who, thank G-d, got married, had a very hard time, too.

It used to be that regardless if one person was more to the right than the other, if a man and woman both wanted to have a frum home, in most cases, they somehow made it work. And with respect to your parents, they are probably a living example of its success.

Off Derech And Back

Part of the course requirement was spending the summer learning a language. So a few classmates and I spent the summer eating ful, falafel and koshari and studying Arabic at the British Council in the Egyptian capital. It was my first time in the Middle East outside of Israel and the scale of this bustling city of millions was different to anything I had ever experienced. There were people everywhere, including communities living in the cemeteries. I made an effort to attend synagogue in both Cairo and Alexandria.

No longer Off the Derech. I am always fascinated when I read about the OTD community as being a community. When do they stop calling themselves OTD and just consider themselves non-religious Jews?

Tuesday, October 9, Stepping off the derech: Now I guess I want to talk about the role of independence. I’m reading this book for an exam I’m taking on the sociology of the family, and it’s about the rise of this time period between youth and adulthood when individuals don’t live in their family of origin, but aren’t married yet either. The author traces this phenomenon to the rise of interracial and same-sex relationships, since children are no longer under their parent’s rule while choosing their future partners.

He also connects it to the rise of activist movements in the s and s, since there was this new group of individuals who weren’t being controlled by parents, and who had little or nothing to lose, since they weren’t married. I almost didn’t have such a time period in my life.

Dixie Yid: Rabbi Haber on Not Scapegoating Why Kids Go Off the Derech

This blog is dedicated to all those who suffered abuse at the hands of shameless Rabbis and religious institutions. Tuesday, April 21, http: Using questionnaires, extensive interviews with psychologists and rabbis, and her Off The Derech website, the author reveals the multi-layered reasons for the defection of so many observant Jews from Judaism.

At the same time, she presents solutions to this growing problem, thereby creating an invaluable handbook for parents, teachers and rabbis. Each chapter of this well-researched book deals with a different element of the “Off the Derech” syndrome as it explains, in detail, how parents can reach children who have become alienated and disaffected from their culture and their people.

Beyond off the Derech Everyone always talks about those who radically fall off the derech. While there is always quite a bit to discuss about them there are others who fall off the path more quietly.

Posted by Taryab Mitzvos Happy Holidays. It goes without saying that anybody who participates in the festivities of any of these holidays deserves only the worst punishments. So many Jews think that they can just pick and choose which sins to commit, but this is not the case. If you celebrate Halloween, for example, you are chayav to celebrate Christmas. This is where those Succos decorations come in handy. It is therefore permissible to use your leftover Succos decorations on Christmas.

Consider a Magen Dovid on top of the tree instead of the traditional star. Like any Jewish holiday, you are chayav to eat a big meal.

The End of Baal Teshuvah Discrimination

When Religion and Family Collide”, with a local synagogue rabbi and a child-and-adolescent psychiatrist who is also an ordained rabbi. The audio is now available here ; the video should be available soon here. A couple after twenty years of marriage decide to become observant fairly rapidly. They have three children, a son age 17, a daughter age 15 and a son age They put their children into observant Orthodox private schools, with tutors to help them catch up.

More people feel they have been “PUSHED Off the Derech,” rather than “PULLED Off the Derech.” Asked why they left, more people cited internal conditions – such as the status of women, perceptions of hypocrisy – that pushed them out, than cited reasons related to the lure of the outside world.

February 21, 3: Which is the 1 reason to do as much as we can to prevent such a marriage in the first place. I doubt she went OTD because of her failed marriage. Among all frum people who divorce, very few go OTD. There must have been some seed of doubt all along. Thats what a professional might help determine differences in commitment to religion when dating.

Had they both gone OTD together rare the kids would not be ripped apart. February 21, 4: We should worry about ourselves and how we are, not how we appear in our goldfish bowls.

Abandoning Eden: Stepping off the derech: the role of independence

The following was submitted to me by a noted Mechanech educator. It was generated by a post I had written a few weeks ago which in part dealt with the OTD phenomenon. As we approach Yom Kippur, a day of fasting and prayer, I thought it would be an appropriate time to feature this very introspective, perceptive, and critical post.

Home News Breaking News The End of Baal Teshuvah Discrimination A girl dating a boy who is now t wearing tzitzos is red alert. The same with a frum boy and sees the girl not dressed tznios to his standards,red alert. chas vechalila, to the “off the derech” phenomena, which itself is a symptom of the prevailing emptiness. Who knows.

In fact, both sides won. Danny and I met in January of at a comedy show in a dingy Brooklyn bar. A mutual friend introduced us, and we liked each other instantly. A few months later, we began dating. A few months after that, he was taking me to free Friday night dinners at the local Chabad, where he was going mostly for the food. He was a recovering Orthodox Jew on a year anti-religion kick, and I was a blond-haired, blue-eyed atheist gentile.

I liked going to the Chabad initially because the challah was good. Then, I began to enjoy the people, and the speeches, and the prayers, and soon enough, I wanted to convert to Judaism. Danny never expected that I would fall in love with Judaism, and specifically, Orthodox Judaism. He was dating a non-Jew for a reason. I never liked the quietness of it all, the pastel color schemes, holding your feelings inside, and being the punchline to a Jackie Mason joke about gentile stereotypes.

I felt very comfortable at loud, joyous, crazy, fun Shabbat dinner tables. When I started to read the Torah, it made so much sense to me. It calmed me down.

Teshuva Movement: Demographics & Survival Response on Ask the Rabbi

Why are so many Jews today turning their backs on Orthodox Judaism? The Aish Rabbi Replies: You are making an assertion that I don’t believe is borne out by the statistics. Far more Jews are dropping out of other affiliations fueled by 60 percent intermarriage , while the net gain to Orthodoxy based on higher birth rates, and “returnees” to Orthodoxy far exceeds any loss. It is true that some kids who are raised Orthodox decide to drop out.

This is a real minority, and there are many reasons for this, as explored in the book, “Off the Derech” http:

A nice place to stop off with the kids if you\’re touring in the north of Israel is \’The Way of the Tree\’ (or Derech HaEtz in Hebrew). It\’s a great place to.

You should start off with the house movie about trees and their role in our lives, and then get a quick lecture about what the park holds. At this point you might be reeling at the details of the Paulina tree , which grows an astonishing 6 meters a year. The park has its own little forest of Paulina trees you can check out. Surely a great solution to the ongoing world deforestation? Then head down with the little ones to build your own toy boat. Nails and hammers and glue are provided; just watch your fingers when the little ones get hold of the hammers.

Once built, race your boat against others on a specially created pond, making sure to check out which way the wind is blowing so as to give yourselves a head-start. You might want to give them a call before you commit to the idea. How to get there:

Orthodox Jewish Women Rocking New York